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Teeth Whitening

Smile bright with whiter teeth in under an hour!


Why pay up to $1000 for in chair teeth whitening. Our teeth whitening packages start from just $99!

How does it work?
We use a proven formula that removes teeth stains and leaves a bright and white smile. We only use a dental grade solution in our procedure, just minus the extraordinary dental fees!

In most cases, cosmetic whitening will remove stains after one 40-minute treatment. We do offer 60-minute treatments for teeth that are really stained and also 20-minute treatments for those just looking for a top-up!

20 mins – $99
40 mins – $149
60 mins – $189
*limited time only

YPrep Tips:
We recommend using sensitive toothpaste for a couple of days leading up to and again after the treatment. You might notice that your teeth are a bit sensitive after whitening, which is normal. Please don’t brush the morning of your treatment and be really gentle afterwards.

We recommend that you only drink water for the 2 hours post treatment and avoid food or drink that could cause staining – such as coffee or red wine. We also recommend using an aftercare pen to top up your smile once a month!

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