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Beauty Wars! Shaving, Waxing or Laser?

By YWAX | August 16, 2017

We all remember that coming-of-age moment when we asked Mum to buy us our very first razor (Yes, let’s all look back and cringe!). Nowadays we have so many options available to get rid of that unwanted hair. So what is the best option? Keep reading to find out.


It works by: Using a razor and a little bit of soap! It can be a super easy process, but those little cuts can be really painful.
Suitable for:
Any part of the body. Shaving is good for sensitive skin as the process doesn’t involve extra chemicals or products.
The best bit:
You don’t have to be a trained technician, and you can do it as regularly as you like from the comfort of your own home.
Those icky and painful ingrowns! Shaving can cause hair to change growth direction, leaving it trapped under the skin. It can also be time-consuming because it doesn’t last long you’ll have to keep up a regular routine. (Which might not be so regular in winter…)
Minimal. Make sure you invest a little more to get a proper shaving cream or mousse, your shiny smooth legs will thank us later!


It works by: Applying hot wax to an area, and pulling away!
Suitable for: Those after a quick and more permanent hair removal solution. There are some conditions such as poor circulation for which waxing might not be the best choice, so always check before making your decision.
The best bit: It lasts forever! Okay well not forever, but usually between 6-8 weeks.
Downsides: It can be painful, but not for long! The worst part is the anticipation.
Cost: Waxing starts at just $15 and ranges to $80, depending on the body part. It might seem more expensive than shaving, but don’t forget that it’s permanent and done by a professional! Click here to check out our price list, or use our booking form here to make an appointment.


It works by: Excuse us, while we get a little scientific. Laser hair removal uses a beam of light to absorb the melanin or pigment (the thing that gives us the colour in our skin and hair), which damages the hair follicle and stops it from growing.
Suitable for: Your face, legs, underarms and bikini line. Laser works best for those with darker hair, but that’s not to say it couldn’t work for you. Give our friendly team a call on (02) 9635 3894 to discuss is laser would be right for you.
The best bit: Laser is here…. for the long run. After a few treatments, it drastically reduces hair growth to the point where you can stop shaving. Side bonus, it’s also great for sensitive skin as the laser causes zero damage to the skin.
Downsides: It can be a little painful or cause discomfort, but hey you know what they say. No pain, no gain!
Cost: Prices start at $15 and ranges to $90, depending on the body part. It is a pricier investment than shaving, but will end up being more cost-effective in the long run. Click here to check out our price list, or use our booking form here to make an appointment.

Click here to book in one of our treatments, or give us a call on (02) 9635 3894 to discuss what will be the best treatment for you.

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