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Enhance, Rejuvenate. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


At Ywax we offer a variety of injectable treatments that will suit your individual needs and budget. From just $3.5/unit for option A, and from $9.9/unit for option B. Provided by one of Sydneys most experienced Cosmetic Doctors, Doctor Sarah.

Dr Sarah is next available on Sunday 16th December!

Book in now, or give us a call on (02) 9635 3894 to make an appointment.

Wrinkle Reduction and Prevention
Wrinkles don’t have to be part of your aging process. Cosmetic injectables can prevent and reduce the formation of wrinkles by stopping the signal between your nerve and muscle. This means less work for your muscles and less stress on your skin, resulting in fewer wrinkles. This type of injection works best as a preventative method, so think about planning ahead.

Dermal Fillers
As we get older we start to produce less collagen, which can create that dreaded tired and sunken look. Dermal fillers replicate what the body used to do, restoring fullness and volume in numerous facial areas. Dermal fillers work best in areas that need there edge back, like your cheekbones or jawline.

Lip Enhancements
Get the lips you have been dreaming of. Our lip enhancements will enrich and rejuvenate the lip area giving you fuller volume and totally kissable lips.
If you are unsure of what might work best for you, come and talk to us. At Ywax we offer free consultations to help you make your decision.